Hello guys, did you miss me?

After spending Christmas and New Year and having a wonderful time in Dubai, it’s time to go back. I had to do a PCR (negative of course), spend many hours of flight and pass many controls, but I’m finally in Copenhagen and ready to beat up some slave bitches.

These days are being very cold, come with me and I’ll warm you with my paddle, my cane or my whip, which one do you prefer? On second thought… I won’t give you a choice, I will use all of them  kikikikikiki

Dont be shy dear slaves come to serve me, let’s start this new year togheter having some fun and playing. You will enjoy, obey and love me, YOUR MISTRESS, YOUR OWNER…YOU WILL BREATH ONLY WHEN I WANT MY DEAR. I have a full equiped dungeon with a lot of toys where you will learn your limits and enjoy to be under my control.