I am Mistress Kawa, a japanese Dominatrix and professional mistress since 8 years. I knew this wonderful world of BDSM as a submissive. I did some shibari performances in Madrid and Barcelona and I have been a model for workshops s as electricity play. Step by step, and well accompanied, I started to try the Female Domination and nowandays is my profession. I dot play as profesional submissive, but I like to try all practices. I offer professional sessions to submissives, masochists and fetichism of latex for example.
I do spanking, golden shower, tweezers, harnesses, vibrators, fetish, wax, Bondage, role playing,  verbal humiliation, feminization, fetishism… With me you will know your limits and if you are daring, you will know the heaven and hell with erotism. Pleasant and bearable pain, all perversions are possible… Joint sessions with another master. You will be my dog, my carpet, my little slut, my pussy. Your goddess awaits you, I have all the means here to make it unforgettable. I have a slave, he is very obedient and beautiful in case you want a party with guests.
I have experience in Bondage, Medical, Bastinado, Strapon… and I can transform you into my servant if you wish – But do not forget that your body as your mind will belong to me during the time you are with me. Your good behavior rewarded and your clumsiness harshly punished. If you wish, you can tell me your fantasies and we will agree limits for the session to be pleasant for both, although for experience I can tell you that step by step those limits that you marked yourself will be eliminating and you will finish saying «Yes, mistress», to everything that I want. ALL HEALTHY, SAFE AND AGREED… ALWAYS.
My submissive are usually habitual but I like that the new submissive talk to me and have a clear idea of what they like and what they do not like and like.. It is always advisable to have a talk before the session to establish the limits and be able to know you better.
When you go more than once, you will notice that there is no equal session to the previous one. I like improvisation and try new things to be able achieve new dimensions of sexual pleasure in the art of domination and submission. The moment in which we hold the talk to get to know each other is the ideal time to comment on anything that was forgotten when talking about telephone and if you have any health problems that could make posture or determined practice.
How long is the right time for a BDSM session? It is a difficult question to answer, it depends on the session you are searching. If you want something simple, it may be enough with one hour to a basic domination. But if you want to try or experience sensations different, ideally 2 hours for the large number of gadgets that I own and because that way you can enjoy correctly and calmly the experience. This applies to games like «Medical» and «Mummification»

I speak english,spanish and portugese.