Hello guys…
Iwill be available in Copenhagen until tomorrow 1st November.
From 3rd i will be available in France,Toulouse.I dispose of a big dungeon,very well equipped with a lot of toys,playrooms and it is perfect for over night sesion.

Due sesion with a beautiful TRAV Domina and she is very good with ropes.With us you will know the heaven and the hell.

Her website

I m Sayuri,Mistress Kawa, a japanese fetish Woman , Dominatrix and professional since 9 years. I knew
this wonderful world of bdsm as a submissive. I did some shibari performances in
Madrid and Barcelona and I have been a model for workshops s as electricity play,breath play,fire play…..
Step by step, and well accompanied, I started to try the Female Domination and
nowandays is my profession. I dot play as profesional submissive, but I like to try
all practices. I offer professional sessions to submissives, masochists and
fetichism of latex for example.
I do spanking, golden shower, tweezers, harnesses, vibrators, fetish, wax, bondage,
role playing, copro, verbal humiliation, feminization, fetishism… With me you will
know your limits and if you are daring, you will know the heaven and the hell with
erotism. Pleasant and bearable pain, all perversions are possible..
You will be my dog, my carpet, my little slut, my pussycat. Your
goddess awaits you, I have all the means here to make it unforgettable.
I have experience in Bondage, Medical, canning, Strapon,fisting,strangulation,breath control,
I can transform you
into my servant if you wish – But do not forget that your body as your mind will
belong to me during the time you are with me. Your good behavior rewarded and your bad behaviour harshly punished.
You tell me your fantasies and we will
agree limits for the session to be pleasant for both, although for experience I can
tell you that step by step those limits that you marked yourself will be eliminating
and you will finish saying «Yes, mistress», to everything that I want. ALL HEALTHY,