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luvalatex luvalatex de lisbon wrote on 21/04/2020 at 22:47:
A long time ago I had a face-to-face session with Mistress kawa on a trip to Lisbon! it was great! Then I had some contacts with her always by phone or email. At the beginning of this month i spoke with Mistress Kawa ,she said that she was in Brazil and available to start the beginning of my treatment via online! One of these days,Mistress Kawa called me and said that in an hour she wanted me in front of the cam dressed in latex, to do the session.So,i obeyed her. She started to order to masturbate me. I was also wearing latex gloves. Then she told me to cover my mouth with a glove and the other to caress the nipples. Then she told me to tie the balls and caress my dick but without see her beautiful face.. I started to have an erection on my dick and the pleasure of being sent by Mistress Kawa. She called me some names and she was there very well dressed in pants, gloves and a latex bra. when I saw her I got completelly crazy! Then she told me to masturbate me hard while Mistress start to caress her nipples with her latex gloves ordering with her erotic voice,that i should to touch and squeeze my nipples for her. then when I was almost reaching the point she said: "STOP" I obeyed and then she said: you will continue to masturbate, you will see i m putting the another glove and i want to see your patetic dick very hard for me,for your Mistress! She continued to look with those japanese and hypnotic eyes ,that wanted to hit me and wanted to fisting my ass until I realized that my dick was very very hard and my balls almost exploding for my excitation. then I had a wonderful and incredible orgasm with her.She was playing with her toy,it looks like a microphone and i could see that she was really enjoying watching me having this big orgasm. Immediately,she ordered me: "DRINK your milk... everything without leaving a drop". so I did it with all the pleasure as a polite submissive.And she loved to see that saying:Very good my lovebitch.I m very proud of you. Then she told me to get ready and we were chatting as a mistress and submissive.She asked if i liked the online sesion,if i really enjoyed because she loved to do online session with me. I recommend Mistress Kawa for online sessions. She is very strict during the session, but afterwards, she is a very nice and kind woman. I hope she returns to Europe soon, because I am going to hire her to come to Lisbon for a long session, with a lot of latex and gloves, because she loves it. Thank you very much Mistress Kawa for being like that, thank you ..... I really love to see you by webcam and cant wait to be under your feet.