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Max Max de Copenhagen wrote on 06/10/2019 at 21:46:
She is slender and beautiful. She is nice and easy to like and she is very good in what she is doing, she reads you well. I had a wonderful meeting with her and I am sure that I will visit her again next time in Copenhagen.
Trirox Trirox de Madrid wrote on 21/08/2019 at 07:02:
Después de algún tiempo, pude tener otra sesión con Mistress Kawa. Es una Mistress singular: es una mezcla de profesionalidad, belleza, simpatía y, como no, maldad para castigar al sumiso. Disfruta en sus sesiones y los sumisos, a veces, también. Llevó un vestido negro largo y abierto por detrás, que dejaba adivinar sus preciosas formas. También calzó unos zapatos con plataforma que usó para clavarme los tacones cuanto le vino en gana. Ahora, ya solo queda el momento de poder verla de nuevo. A sus pies, Mistress Kawa.
Klaus Klaus de København wrote on 02/07/2019 at 10:31:
Det var en oplevelse ud over det sædvanlige at besøge Mistress Kawa. Jeg havde bestilt et par timer og oplevede at hun gik efter det som jeg ønskede, men efter hendes opskrift og med et forløb som gik fra blidt til det mere overgivende og hårde. Supertilfreds og klart én som jeg ønsker at besøge igen. Hvis der var tid nu...så kom jeg igen. Lækkert latex lingeri. Hun er petite og meget køn. Fed personlighed.
Ben Ben de Toulouse wrote on 22/05/2019 at 22:46:
J’ai eu la chance de revoir Maitresse Kawa la semaine dernière dans son donjon Toulousain. C’est une expérience vraiment délicieuse que je recommande vivement. Maitresse Kawa sait souffler le chaud et le froid et vous mene à l’extase final avec cruauté, imagination et délicatesse.....
Alain Alain de Toulouse / Tournefeuille wrote on 22/05/2019 at 08:46:
J'avais envoyé un SMS de voeux à Maitresse Kawa; elle m'a répondu pour me signaler sa présence à Toulouse; j'ai immédiatement pris un nouveau rendez-vous ... Hum ! toute de latex vêtue, soigneusement maquillée, elle m'a ligoté et, puis a profité de moi et m'a fait découvrir de nouvelles sensations d'enfermement; Merci Maitresse Kawa.
Holger Holger de Toulouse wrote on 20/05/2019 at 21:28:
Nice to see you again in Toulouse Mistress Kawa. My Hands was tied above the head waiting for an eternity in the dark dungeon the door opened it appeared Mistress Kawa in a sexy latex dress with black boots --what a beautiful sight.  First I had to pay tribute to these beautiful boots. After mummifying my head and handcuffing to the bed, I completely lost control and was handed over to Mistress Kawa --what a nice experience It was a pleasure to serve Mistress Kawa hope to see you soon Muchas Grazias
allesokc allesokc de Toulouse wrote on 29/04/2019 at 18:27:
Danke Mistress Kawa für die Einladung heute Sie zu besuchen. Es war wie jedesmal ein besonderes Erlebnis für mich . Super Sexy schwarzes Kleid mit atemberaubend High Heels. Bei diesem Anblick war ich sprachlos und konnte meinen Mund nicht wieder schließen. Danke für das fesselnde Erlebnis heute Alles war Perfekt hoffe auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen in Toulouse Thank you Mistress Kawa for invitation today. It was as always a special experience for me. Super sexy black dress with breathtaking High Heels. By this sight, I was speechless and can't close my mouth . Thank you for the bondage experience today Everything was perfect hope to see you soon in Toulouse
Torben Nielson Torben Nielson de copenhagen wrote on 17/04/2019 at 18:12:
Thank You my admired Mistress Kawa, You wonderful Japanese Domina, to visit us in Copenhagen. Of course i asked for a date and You gave me the permit to visit You.It was great, it was a session which the Mistress amd me enjoyed.Unforgetable was the highlight when i was demanded to drink Mistress Kawa's wonderful champeign.Please come back very soon - the sooner the better, devotely Yours Torben
Brian Brian de Copenhagen wrote on 14/04/2019 at 22:26:
Thanks for a wonderfull session in Copenhagen. If you ever come to Copenhagen again you shouldtry to hire the studios at or . Thts real BDSM studios , that fits your skills . Miss you Best Regards Brian
helmut helmut de münster wrote on 10/04/2019 at 17:16:
Mistress Kawa is not only a domme like so much others... she is the absolutely and ultimative Queen of BDSM. i became Her slave and i often get the order to visit Her. It is always a real new dimension on BDSM, every time She has new ideas. icannot wait for the next time She will give me the order to visit Her... Mistress Kawa ist nicht einfach eine Domina wie so viele andere, sie ist die absolute und ultimative Königin des BDSM. Vor einigen Monaten wurde ich IHR sklave ubnd inzwischen bekam und bekomme ich oft den Befehl SIE zu besuchen.SIE erlebt mit mir jedes Mal eine neue Dimension des BDSM, jedes Mal hat SIE neue, wundervolle Ideen, um IHRE Leidenschaft auszuleben. ich kann es kaum erwarten, dass SIE mich wieder zu sich befiehlt...
29254488 29254488 de Dubai wrote on 10/04/2019 at 08:24:
Miztress Kawa is an international star within bdsm. I wanted to spice up my business trip to Dubai. I flew her into this dynamic city and the brought all her toys and latex uniforms. We stayed at 5 star hotel and she change the suite to her dominance scene. She dressed up in latex and commanded me naged. Then everything can happen with a mix of pain and pleasure. I was tied up and spanked. My balls tied to my legs. Needles and candles was used in the most professional way and I had the best week in my life. She is creative and find new ways to punish you everyday. She is always well dressed and I took her for elegant dinners as well. The she transforms into a high class lady with lady manners, high heels and perfect make up. 1 hour later she is spankkung me in the room and turn into this mystery lady who is in vonyt of you at any time. We have been in Dubai twice and I will definitely invite her again. She is in my fettish dreams every day. Your sincere slave bitch.
29254499 29254499 de Copenhagen wrote on 09/04/2019 at 15:56:
Miztress Kawa is an unique experience in the Dark Universe. Every session is different and she has moved me from soft dominance to experiences I could not even dream about. Latest a 7 hour session in huge bdsm house with every facility to take me to heaven. I was kidnaped by her and was blindfolded. When I was in the house I was tied up and my eyes saw equipment to dominate me. I was spanked to my limit. I hang from the roof upside down and she squirted me in my face. Her milk Mashine took my orgasm to new heights. I was never left without attention as she plan in details how to destroy you physically and psychologically. I will return for more as she makes me dream about her every night. And I will move my barriers to hard core bdsm. Her body is a dream and she plays the game with passion. She really enjoys to punish you hard and direct. She best mistress i have tried. I will stay with her.
Peter Peter de Copenhagen wrote on 02/04/2019 at 17:47:
Words cannot describe the beauty of this Mistress. Her magnificent skills but also her personality and her eyes undress you from the minute you enter her domain. She is astonishing and when you are being being modulated by her hands, it is breathtaking and a lifeexperience in what real BDSM is about. Her “sweet” cruelty has taking me with storm, and so did her gorgeous body, who hypnotized me when I was in bondage forced to give up and just receive. Her capacity in reading her Victim is something that I have never experienced before. Nor have I ever experienced such beauty of pain and delight as I did when she started using her floggers, straps, cbt techniques and flow of constant pleasure that forced me to received her will to empower me with her kinkiness and desires. Tight from a start but with her in the seat I simply had to let go and accept that her hands opened me up, especially in my ass. Her delight of various torture have learned me to love it and I can’t wait to get me next change of being in heaven.She is absolutely gorgeous, and I can definately give her my best recommendations especially to those who wants and elegant experienced Mistress, when a Mistress is best.
Tommy Tommy de Copenhagen wrote on 01/04/2019 at 15:07:
Har haft fornøjelsen af at møde Mistress Kawa 3 gange i Danmark. Mistress Kawa er særdeles dygtig. Hun formår meget professionelt at teste ens grænser, men samtidig respekterer de grænser man har aftalt. Mistress Kawa ser fantastisk ud i hendes latex dragter og man kan ikke modstå hendes kommandoer og instrukser. Vil helt sikkert møde Mistress Kawa igen.
28 57 10 88 28 57 10 88 de Copenhagen wrote on 15/03/2019 at 09:33:
The strict Mistress Kawa is a gem for a sub like me. She knows how to make one feel under her strict control and it is so fulfilling to let her take control and play. Thank You Mistress Kawa, from John
Brian Brian de Copenhagen wrote on 09/03/2019 at 15:26:
She must be a very busy mistress . I can´t get in touch with her. Not in a mail . Not in a text message . Not on the phone . I would like a session with her .
seb seb de Toulouse wrote on 19/09/2018 at 02:25:
J'ai visité le nouveau donjon de Maitresse Kawa en mai dernier. Elle sait ordonner et faire peur tout en apportant du plaisir. J'ai visiter sa salle blanche et sa salle Rouge ou j'etait attaché et torturé. Merci Beaucoup Maitresse
Fabricio Fabricio de Barcelona wrote on 19/07/2018 at 01:13:
=== Español === El día 2 de Marzo de este año tuve la suerte de tener otra sesión con Mistress Kawa. Esta vez fue en el club Jack Swan en Barcelona. Una Dómina estupenda en un lugar que me encanta, por lo tanto una combinación ganadora 🙂 Además de su saber hacer, me entusiasma su pasión por el fetichismo del cuero y el látex. Consiguió volverme a sorprender con su vestimenta y el contenido de la sesión, haciendo que fuera una experiencia totalmente diferente a la anterior, pero igual de buena o aún mejor. La forma en en que usó las cuerdas para adiestrar mediante CBT fue altamente estimulante. Mejor ser bueno y obedecer... jeje. Después de la sesión fuimos a cenar y estuvimos charlando un rato, igual que la otra vez fue un auténtico placer conversar con Ella. Muchas gracias.
claudio claudio de milan/madrid wrote on 30/06/2018 at 23:59:
Cosa dire, sono ormai diversi anni che godo con piacere di una sessione con Mistress Kawa 3 o 4 volte all'anno una sessione con mistress KAWA. E'una esperienza unica, irripetibile! A parte la bellezza della Mistress, il suo corpo scolpito e' la sua gestione che lascia il segno. Azotes perfetti e ben gestiti.....meraviglioso. Da provare-
allesokc allesokc de Toulouse wrote on 09/04/2018 at 21:00:
Mistress Kawa new Dungeon in Toulouse Mistress Kawa invited me today in her new Dungedon. Very well located in the west of Toulouse .I expected a nice Dungeon but it was even better. It is a Paradise with sure for every fetish something .White room with Cage and many toys .Red room with a stake to mummify, cross for fixing,Pillory and some tools to be fixed from the ceiling and the Medical room for clinic games and finally the Prison room for the overnight stay with chain from the ceiling to fix over the night. In the middle Mistress Kawa in a fantastic sexy latex Dress with very long black boots, It was something special as every time to serve Mistress Kawa and to be surprised by her ideas Congratulation to this beautiful Bondage Fetisch World which was made with great attention to detail I'm looking forward for the next visit